Top Gifts For Grandparents

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Grandparents are the best when it comes to taking care of their grandchildren. They make up a lot of happy times in a child’s memory book and a good source of knowledge for them to learn from. So if you or someone you know is pregnant, and want to give a surprise to the parental groups then here are some ideas.
Taking them to a session of newborn photography
This is to be done while your parents are still in the soon-to-be phase. Make sure not to spill the beans and take them and let them meet the baby in the studio or the house you are using as the setting. Keep yourself from telling them whose baby is it exactly. You can do that later once the shoot is done. Keep them in suspense and then produce the ultimate newborn photography photo book and present it to them.
Book covers and bookmarks
Another thoughtful gift to give them is the printed versions of your kids’ painting skills. You can print their art of their grandparents and then turn it into digital form. These can be printed on mugs, book covers, bookmarks, or just to be hung on the fridge. If they are tech savvy then you can put it on their portable devices as well. Or just turning it into a huge painting if they would like it is a good idea too.
You can even make customized calendars for the grandparents this way too. you can use each grandkid and family for the months of the year.
Charm bracelet
This is great gift for a grandma who has a lot of grandkids. You can even make these bracelets as a DIY project. The charms are for each grandchild and you can always customize them to give off the different personalities of each grandkid. You can portray the grandkids’ names as little birds, flowers, or even tiny seashells.
Keeping up communication with the grandparents and grandparents is a must for families living apart. If your parents do not live near you then the best way for them to enjoy some time with their grandkid is through the computer and software like skype. Use a foolproof webcam that has a funky look so that they can identify it easily as well.
There are numerous methods to give presents to the grandparents in this age. You can send them a sketch of your baby (hand drawn or through computer photo software), printed blankets and quilts of your family, and jewelry customized to showcase your kid’s painting skills.