Tips To Photographing Your New Baby

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Having a baby, and bringing this new baby into your home and family is truly one of the most surreal and amazing thing that can happen in your life. The first few moments and days you spend with your baby can be extremely memorable, but can pass by rather quickly without you even noticing it. This is why it is important to capture all these memories, and even the most minor details of your new baby while they are in their tiniest of states. Most parents hire professional photographers to photograph these first days, but there is nothing like being able to capture these memories on your own. Given below are few tips to photographing your baby.


Unlike many other professional photographers who have very limited time of four to five hours on their hands for a photo shoot, you being the mother or father have the advantage of time. Without trying to create an album filled with different types of creative pictures within hours, you can spread out to days or even weeks. The first few days of handling a baby can be exhausting, therefore give yourselves some time as well. You do not have to rush and get things done instantly, give yourself time and work in the photographing session to help de-stress yourself.


Lighting is one of the most important things when it comes to the best newborn photography. This is one of the aspects that can make your photographs a success or a failure. Without using different kinds of lights to light up your baby, use the simplest, inexpensive, and easily found source of light, the sun. You do not need to book yourself expensive equipment; the photographs can easily be taken right within your home with the use of natural light. Carefully angle your baby and let the light take its course to create beautiful and dramatic soft shadows and highlights.

Baby comes first

Newborn photography sessions can make your bay rather antsy. One of the only ways for you to be happy, and less frustrated is for you to keep your baby happy. One way to do this, is to free your shooting area from being the least bit cold. Try using any type of heater you have at home to keep your baby warm, and comfortable. In addition, you can also try playing soothing sounds on your phone. This will soothe the baby, and keep the little one sleeping throughout the session.


Know your priorities. Getting that perfect shot can be important, but not as important as keeping your baby safe. Make sure you have someone on hand to help you when working with props or different types of difficult poses. Just remember to keep things simple, and not over do things. This will help keep the baby safe, while making the whole process run smoothly.

As ecstatic as you may be to photograph your baby, make sure you keep in mind the above tips for the session to take place with ease.