Tips On Using A Lavatory

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Bathrooms are one of the most dangerous places in any office or home. There are many people who trip and injure themselves simply from using the lavatory once or twice. There are several reports by many countries stating as to what a hazard it has become as many people do become hospitalized. Here are some tips on using a lavatory:


You must never place any old rugs in the space. It can cause many falls. If you can’t throw them out since you like them so much then you must try to secure them with tape which is double sided. This will prevent them from falling apart quickly. Make sure that you do check on it before you do place the tape over it. You can even ask a reliable bath mat supplier for advice.


The bathing area can be a cubicle area or even the bathtub space. Make sure that you do remove any grime or scum from the space as it can result in you slipping and falling. Keep the area as clean as you can so that water will not collect on the space. Try to place a shower curtain which is light so that water will not leak out onto the floor.


You must place bars in the place in order to prevent you from slipping. If you are elderly person ask a bath mat supplier to provide you with a new carpet or rug. This will secure you in case you trip. Think about the size, length and texture of the mat. Do not keep any soap bars close to the landing strip as it can leak out and make the area slippery. You can try to use the bars to support your weight too.


You must have a clear light installed in the bathing or bathroom space. This will illuminate the space which will prevent you from falling. You will also be able to see the place clearly as possible. Make sure that you have pathway lighting and an overhead one installed to prevent you from falling down.


You must install a showerhead which is flexible so that you won’t trip and fall down. You must be able to maneuver it around so that you can sit down without tripping. Some have large cords or wires which can be difficult to clean and move around. Remember to ask a plumber to install a good one for your use. Click this link for more information about towels with embroidery in Singapore.