The Important Milestones Of An Infant’s Life

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After birth, there are many memorable days in a baby’s life which is all a part of his or her development and growth. These special occasions indicate that their child is happy and healthy and is often celebrated the family. Below are some of those special moments.
The first words
A baby would usually start babbling from the age of six months are is likely to utter sounds such as ‘ba-ba’. By the end of the seventh month, they would react to the sound of their own name. However at twelve months, the baby would say simple words such as ‘mama’ and is likely to respond to commands like ‘eat your cereal’. At two years, and infant would combine two or three word phrases such as ‘want milk’ and by the time they reach the age of three, they would have an expanded vocabulary.
The first hair cut
Your baby’s first hair cut would look stranger and sometimes fighting to him or her. Having the hair cut at a salon can cause stranger anxiety as the baby is exposed to a number of unfamiliar tools and noises. As another alternative, some parents cut the baby’s hair at home. Cultures including China collects the baby’s first hair and creates the best Taimaobi in order to make the day memorable and also uses it as a gifting item.

First birthday
A baby’s first birthday is indeed a special occasion to celebrate. Most parents throw a party on this day along with close relatives and friends. Some babies around this age are unfamiliar and feel uncomfortable around strangers and parents would prefer taking their baby on a day out at a park or a picnic instead. The baby would receive many gifts from family and friends on this day including toys, clothes, gift vouchers and other memorable items such as a Taimaobi or a customized jewellery item.
The first steps
The age at which the baby will start walking for the first time would differ from child to child. However, most infants start taking their first steps between the ages of nine to eighteen months. Parents should grab the baby’s hand and help him or her walk around the around house in order to provide them a sense of balance. This will make the baby feel confident and independent.
The below information is useful in understanding some of the remarkable milestones of a child’s life. Hence, parents should be attentive every move their baby makes to ensure that these special moments are not overlooked. Click this link for more information about taimaobi review.