PMS Pains; How To Reduce It?

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PMS—the biggest reason for why men think women are complicated. It makes them moody, annoying, emotional and unpredictable. And those were only some of the mental difficulties women go through. The physical symptoms are more common, and they are things like back pains, aches in other parts of the body, severe headaches; it also makes it hard for them to fall asleep.
True, not all women have these symptoms, and some of them (the lucky, lucky devils!) don’t feel any different at all from a regular day. It’s only those women who go through this pain that understands it.
Up until a few decades ago, people just assumed that PMS pain was just something you had to deal with. Recent studies though, have proved that you can reduce the severity of the pain through a few steps included into your lifestyle, especially as the date approaches.

Want to know what they are? Read ahead to find out…
Eating the right kind of food
Eating the right kind of food is a major factor when trying to reduce PMS or menstruation pains. While you must try to maintain a balanced diet when it concerns food anyway, having foods rich in vitamins and minerals will help you soothe out the inflammations. If you feel that the food you eat doesn’t have the proper necessary nutrition, opt for dietary supplements instead.
Ask your doctor to prescribe the right kind of dietary supplements (including omega-3) so that you don’t make a mistake. Avoid eating oily foods. Avoiding salty foods like pickles and chips will also help reduce the bloating.
Drink plenty of water
Seems like drinking plenty of water is the solution for so many problems! In this case, it will reduce the pain and help you get rid of that bloated feeling. Drinking water will also help oxygenate you skin, which in turn will help control those period related acne we know you dread. If you are not in the habit of drinking a lot of water regularly, try to do so at least when the pain begins. Ideally, it is best that you start drinking lots of water as your menstruation date approaches. Trust us; this help a lot.
Keep yourself warm and clean
No doubt you feel crappy during this time. And hygiene is usually over looked when the pain is too much. Try to take a nice, warm bath; this will help reduce the pain, and also get you clean. When you are clean, your mood will automatically improve and you won’t feel so drained and irritated. Try to keep yourself warm too. It’s not uncommon for women to have cold hands and feet during their menstruation. Keeping them warm too helps reduce the pain a great deal.
Keep a sweater close by. Wear it when you’re cold, and get rid of it once your body is warmer…!