Making Your Apartment Look Amazing

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Apartments and condos are small spaces and therefore need a specific layout strategy to make them look good. Sadly, most small apartments seem to be full of things and often look cluttered. However with the right kind of design and the right use of light and space, there are many ways to make your small apartment or condo look very much larger than it actually is.

Strategies to make your home look bigger than it is

Many of the principles of condo interior design in Singapore are based on making a small space look bigger than it actually is. One of the main ways to change the look of an already cluttered looking condo is to clean it out of all the junk that has accumulated throughout the years. There are many principles of smart storage that you can make use of such as having storage above eye level in order to not get in the way of the home owner and also give the illusion of more space as the ground will be clear. Similarly, you could have your storage in areas that are not visible to the naked eye such as underneath beds and inside furniture that have been specially designed to serve the purpose of furniture and storage both.

Another principal of condo interior design that you can make use of is colour. Using a dark colour gives the illusion that the house is smaller than it is and using a lighter colour such as brilliant white can give the illusion that the house is a lot bigger than it actually is. Therefore it is always advisable to have all your walls painted white which you can use a combination of white and one other colour as the colour theme for your entire house.

A minimalist approach

When living in a smaller apartment, it is best to live on a minimalist lifestyle with the least amount of things. The reason for this is that everything you own takes up space in your home and will contribute to the house being cluttered. It is important to only have as many things as you can store in the storage you already have and nothing more.

Hidden storage

There are many design ideas that you can have with hidden storage. Box shaped furniture that has a hidden compartment to store things inside, a box shaped bed with drawers underneath are just some of these ideas. If you are able to find ways of storing as many clothes as you can in these storage units, you may not even have a need for a wardrobe, one piece of furniture that can take up a considerable amount of space in your home.