Challenges Of Running Childcare Facilities

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With most children’s parents having full time jobs, unless they have the means to get themselves a babysitter, or is fortunate enough to have family willing to take care of the children, they have to one time or another opt to keep the little ones at a child day care center. With a growing demand for this kind of business, some find it rather lucrative as opposed to others. This business if done well can be highly rewarding and sought after, but there are some challenges that do come with running a place of this sort. There are certain rules and regulations imposed by governments to be met, while standards have to be at an all-time high for the retention of clients. Given below are a few challenges that one might have to face within this business.

Clean, tidy and healthy

When there are so many children in one vicinity it is bound for at least one to be sick, either have cough or is sneezing. Little kids do not have a strong immune system, which tends to make them frequent carriers of different kinds of viruses, which without doubt spreads like wildfire among the other children, because many are too small to understand the social norms of covering their mouths when you sneeze or cough. This is why it is important to have proactive policies that work against different type of diseases. These types of implemented policies will in turn work towards retaining the health of you and the children. It is necessary to have enough staff to be able to tend to all the children while cleaning, sanitizing and tidying up the place once the children are done playing. You should also have a precise sick child policy that clearly states certain instances in which children must stay a home.

Trust and communication

For a preschool and childcare centre it is important to have a transparent communication, while making it vital that a child’s parents have an adequate amount of trust in your institution. You and your staff have to be well aware of keeping all forms of communication with parents clear, precise and strong. Keeping in mind to notify the parents with whatever occurrence that took place in your institution that involve their children. Not sharing the necessary information to parents will make them feel insecure about bringing their children in, while being upfront and responsible will help retain clients while increasing business.


The number of staff is one of the most important factors in a preschool and childcare centre in Singapore. The ratio of children to staff, must be balanced out to be able to give the children the attention they usually require. All the staff members must have the necessary qualifications to hold their given positions and be properly and adequately trained to be able to handle the children effectively and efficiently. The selection process has to be made very tough, while going into getting background checks on each of them because they are going to be bearing a big responsibility.

Play items

When choosing toys for the children to play with has to be chosen while considering different aspects. All toys have to be of educational value, and provide all the kids with the ability to learn while playing. While considering toys that are safe and also appropriate for children of different ages, they have to be easy for you to clean as well. If building blocks are chosen then, it can be easily washed and given to the next child for play.

No matter what the challenges of running a daycare service is, the satisfaction and financial aspects received from this business is impeccable.