Advantages And Disadvantages Of Billboards

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Advertising is one of the most important factors when it comes to businesses promoting their products or services, and they keep looking for new ways to improve the way they interact with their consumers. You cannot select one particular form of advertising and tag it as being the most correct method. Different industries and businesses use and adopt different techniques which are most advantageous to them. To any form of advertisement tool there are benefits and drawbacks, therefore read on to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of using billboards to advertise.

Advantage – larger audience

Billboards are usually large boards that include information regarding a particular product that is put up along highways and crowded streets to garner people’s attention, and rightfully so serves its purpose by being extremely eye catchy, that guarantees people see what you’re trying to convey. What makes billboards special is the fact that people are inclined to look at what you’re trying to convey, as opposed to TV commercials, that allows you to switch the channel and ads in magazine which you can turn the page. A billboard is set at one particular position and does not move, therefore to consumers that cross its path during their daily commute to work, makes it highly likely for them to remember and recall the product.

Advantage – specific placement

Billboards, being a form of out of home advertising, can be placed at whatever place that the company thinks has most impact on the consumers. For instance, having a business at a particular place where in which you want traffic to come towards to, a billboard can be placed on a particular position on the highway that directs the vehicles towards the given direction. Billboards also can be used in areas where mediums such as TV commercials cannot reach, for instance in rural areas. This visibility will increase the demand for your products from these rural places.

Disadvantage – limited space

As per research, this form of out of home advertising can only be seen by someone passing by for a mere three to four seconds. The challenge here is having to advertise to the point, by mainly using images and font that is large enough to see from a car that is passing by. Everything on the billboard has to be short and sweet, making it somewhat difficult to convey your full message to the consumer.

Disadvantage – commitment required

Companies that require the use of billboards usually get into contract with these billboard companies for a minimum of four months. This is because it take a lot of time, money and effort to keep changing these ads within spans of few weeks. For a company that wants to advertise its overall business rather than and special sales, would find billboards the ideal medium.

If your requirement is to target a large audience on a day to day basis for a long period of time then billboard advertising is the way to go.