A Brief Description Of A Few Different Types Of Catering

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Catering nowadays is extremely specialized according to the needs of the customers. The notion that catering is just a way to serve food to a large crowd is now totally gone: catering has now evolved to a point that you can their services for virtually any kind of event or function. Just take a look at the following different types of catering. While these are not the only ones out there, they should give you a general idea of what to expect when searching for catering for your own needs:

Home Catering

This type of catering service is aimed at customers who organize parties and gatherings at residential buildings and homes. Basically, the caterer will serve the food to their customers right at their doorstep, also providing additional services such as the provision of food plates, cutlery, heating equipment as well the means for transportation of the food items themselves. Home-based catering is, typically, of a small scale, which means that most caterers nowadays will have no trouble meeting the demands of such customers.

Event Catering

This is the type of caterer services Singapore most people think of when they hear the word “catering”. As the name implies, this type of catering mainly deals with providing services required at parties, informal events and even special occasions like weddings. As you would expect, the orders can range from being quite modest to very large in nature. Some caterers further divide their services in order to make separate packages depending on the type of event. Popular packages include the so-called “wedding packages” and “birthday packages” which have the added advantage of providing extra services free of charge, or just the catering service at much-reduced rates.

Corporate Catering

This can technically be considered as another type of event catering, but the differences are enough in order to just classify it as yet another major type of catering service. Food served for business meetings and corporate events should be of extremely high quality and must be in a way that can be presented to people of higher rank without issue. Buffet caterers for events are quite in high demand, making corporate catering perhaps the most common type out of all those out there.

Mobile Catering

This unique type of catering services makes the use of a mobile vehicle, such as a van, lorry, camper, RV or just about anything on wheels as the main base for distributing food. You can see this type of vehicles at outdoor parties and even more commonly at fairs and festivals, where they serve anything from lunch packets to ice cream or even cotton candy. Since the vans only carry a limited amount of food, these services are quite cheap compared to other types.